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Making Vanilla Extract

Home made vanilla

Its surprising that I haven’t made this earlier.

A little bit of alcohol (bourbon or vodka or rum) and vanilla beans set aside for couple of months yield vanilla extract. I mean I have made kumquat flavored vodka before. Why didn’t I see the connection?

I used to ask any one travelling to lug back a bottle Nielsen Masey vanilla extract from US which is a bit on the expensive side. To think about it, top quality vanilla is grown in India and exported. It’s maddening that I should import an extract made from those beans back at an exorbitant price.

So, today I set out some beans that we acquired in a co-op in Kochi in rum ( as that is what I had on hand) and hope that in 8 – 10 weeks I will have vanilla extract.

Vanilla extract

Cant wait for that! It will be just in time as my current vanilla extract is getting used up.

What are you planning to make this weekend? I am toying with the idea of making Haleem from scratch or chicken momos. If not, at least I will go Haleem tasting this weekend!

Vanilla Extract 

  • 2 vanilla beans – get the highest quality possible
  • 1/4 cup bourbon or vodka
  • 1 clean sterile bottle

1. Split the vanilla bean and add it to the bottle. Cover with alcohol of choice. Close lid. Shake.

Set aside in a cool dark place for the vanilla to infuse.

Takes bout 8 – 10 weeks.

Enjoy in baked goods!

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