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An Evening @ Tungabhadra Dam

Tungabhadra dam  Taking a break from the temples, monuments, tanks and other relics of Hampi, we drove to Hospet to visit the Tungabhadra Dam, a multi purpose dam providing irrigation, electricity, flood control etc. Also, it helps form the large Tungabhadra reservoir which looks particularly sublime at Sunsets.

Canal near Tungabhadra dam

Vast tunghabhadra reservoir

Both the kids were asleep, a rare treat, and we pushed them up the paved path up after parking. Only government cars are allowed to drive up to the dam.

Roas side seller

Red bug

Along the way we bought some goose berries and sunflower seeds to snack on. We saw paths leading to other attractions nearby – a light and sound show, deer park etc.

Walking on the dam and taking close up pictures of the dam is not allowed for security reasons and they had stationed couple of guards to ensure that folks don’t break this rule.

We were there to sit and enjoy the sunset as long as the kids allowed. We had some tea and snacks and soaked in the sunset. Soon before sunset, the kids woke up. They stayed put through their drowsy state through the sunset.

Setting sun

Time to go home

And then it was time to go home – for us. School kids, young families and couples were entering the park at this time for the light and sound show that starts at 7:00 pm.

An imposing structure, the Tungabhadra dam was a welcome change from all the temples that we visited. Next up, we wanted to go out for really good dinner. Even though it was early by Indian standards we headed to Malligi restaurant which came highly recommended and to our relief didn’t disappoint!

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