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Travel Tales From Nilgiris – Toy Train Ride

The third day of the trip was actually the highlight of our trip in Nilgiris. In the morning we had a ride in the toy train from Coonoor to Ooty.

Varun was absolutely elated. He simply couldn’t wait for the train to arrive at the station. This is what happens at Coonoor station an hour before the actual journey.A train comes up from Mettupalayam to Coonoor. Two additional coaches are attached to this train at Coonoor.Tickets for these coaches are sold at Coonoor station 40 minutes before the train departs. You may need to reserve in advance  in high season, but we could walk in and get tickets on the fly.

The train ride was fun with kids. Looking out of the windows, screaming when in a tunnel, breeze through your hair, and amazing vistas – farms, gardens, eucalyptus and oak trees. Every conceivable shade of green. Lantana was blooming and nodding along with grass and other brush. It was pleasant and a new experience.

The actual trip in a pictorial format below. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

At Coonoor Station looking forward to the train trip.
At Coonoor station

Train tracks leading the way to Ooty
Train tracks

Trees from the train window
Trees from train

Little colorful villages below
Views from train

Choo….choo train
Train Chooo choo

Tea gardens across the valley
Tea gardens from trian

Views of Farmland in the valley below
Farms from Train

Finally, after about an hour, at Ooty station
At OOty station

And ready to play…
Palying at Ooty station

We had to drag them out of the train station into the car so we could continue to Upper Bhavani Lake Exploration. Rain threatened and they reluctantly agreed with some kicking and fussing.

Stay tuned to see the Upper Bhavani lake vistas – they are simply mind-blowing.

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