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Virupaksha Temple Complex

Temple complex from neighboring hills

We started Day 2 in Hampi with Virupaksha Temple complex, even though we all had collectively vowed no more temples. We toyed with the idea of taking a boat ride, staying in the resort and going swimming or simply taking a massage but then we remembered the long drive and how we would probably not come here again till the kids are older ( and understand that sand and dirt is for walking on and not for playing in;). So, temples were back on agenda.

Any who, we didn’t get a guide and decided to venture on our own. 2-3 temples max, a long lunch and a relaxed evening was the plan for the day.

First up was Virupaksha Temple Complex.

The most popular temple of all and with an imposing entrance tower or gopura, this is a live temple where puja’s are performed every morning. It is right by the Hampi Bazar and is probably the first temple everyone visits in Hampi. It’s a beautiful introduction to Hampi with its carvings, pillared halls, imposing entrance tower and of course, cows, monkeys and the gentle temple elephant!

Virupaksha Gopuram

Inside the temple complex

This temple was very crowded when we went, but my guess is that even on non peak holidays, it wont hold a match to the Vithala Temple Complex in terms of carving details and architecture.

Temple Elephant in Virupaksha temple

Temple Elephant belssing Varun and Vipul

The kids wanted to watch the elephant, and play on the steps. We didn’t force them to go inside the temples as the crowds seem to set off the worst behavior in them.

Painted ceiling of Virupaksha temple hall

Pillared halls

Pillared hallways on other side of the temple

We watched the cows, monkeys and elephants with them, chased them through the pillared hallways. We watched pilgrims come in and seek their blessings. We obliged a group of girls who asked us to take their photo! We spent some time here before walking over to the neighboring Jain Temples.


to be continued.

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