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Krishna Temple Complex & Stepped Tank

  Temple complex krishna temple

Krishna Temple Complex  is the last of the temple complexes we visited. Hampi has several more temples – the Ganesha, Ugarnarsimha, Badavalinga etc but we didn’t really visit the rest. We needed at least another day to visit them all with toddlers in tow.

I hope, you are not fed up of the temples of Hampi by now but the place really has beautiful temples wherever you look that I had to do justice to them!

Entrance tower Krishna temple

Krishna temple main entrance

Krishna Temple Complex

Krishna temple 2

Pillars and elephants in krishna temple

Krishna temple has the similar setting as Vithala and Virupaksha temple complex, central main temple with pillared hallway, pillared covered hallways on both sides and smaller temple complexes around. The most interesting thing about this complex was the stepped water tank across from here.

Stepped tank near Krishna Temple

Hampi Puskarni

Krishna temple tank

Set with boulders on one side and banana plantations on the other, filled with grey-green water, it was a cool place in the afternoon heat. A gentle breeze was blowing. A few backpackers sat sketching on the steps of the tank. Varun and Dhruv played while we sat in shade. It was the most serene place we visited in Hampi. If you have an afternoon to while away this is a beautiful place to sit, relax, meditate, practice yoga etc. Very few tourists cross the road from Krishna temple to visit this tank. Even those who do don’t linger for long. So you can actually have the place to yourself.

Plantations and Pillars

By then we were hungry and decided to go to Mango Tree restaurant, # 1 on Tripadvisor for its ambience, food and setting. We had poor dining experience thus far on the trip so went in with low expectations. Fortunately for us, food gods smiled on us and we had one of the loveliest meals in Hampi – we loved it so much that we didn’t want to leave the place; but had to due to enormous crowd waiting outside the restaurant.

Stay tuned on our dining experiences in Hampi. Where to eat and what to avoid!

…to be continued.

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