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Varun’s Feathered Friends


Since our weeklong stay at my mom’s place, Varun is fond of two things: trains and feeding the birds. The complex in which my mom stays has two huge century old Banyan trees. A lot of birds nest there and flit around. To keep him engaged, mom gives him a few rice grains to feed the birds. He throws them one by one.

Today morning, I shadowed him and took photos.The birds were wary of me but came up to Varun. A few snapshots from my moms window sill below. Hope you enjoy them.




There were the usual suspects, crows, pigeon’s and mynas, an occasional house sparrow , a rare parrot or two and even a few kites.

Common house sparrow

Kite chasing a prey


We had fun identifying birds, making cluck-cluck¬†sounds to invite them to the balcony and give them rice grains. Try it sometime, it’s a fun way to spend some time with kids.

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