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Mavshi’s Mouthwatering Malpuas

For years, I have been wanting to eat Malpuas – fried dough pancakes.

Every Janmasthami, newspapers and magazines will have pictures of malpuas frying in generous amounts of ghee – Mom is not a big fan of frying and we never had Malpuas. Vipul is not fond of fried sweets – so Malpuas have largely been out of my life.

Then we went to Bikanerwala. It’s THE place in Hyderabad to go for Rajasthani style food and for North Indian chaat in a clean hygenic setting. Of course they had Malpuas on the menu and I got to savor perfectly done, syrup soaked malpuas. Firm, not too sweet, chewy in center but not squishy and with crispy edges.

Vipul’s mavshi (aka aunt) , who was with us, mentioned she knows the recipes of low -sugar, non syrupy kind of malpua  and we decided to make some on my birthday.

And they were a hit…I finished half of them as she was frying them.There are as many variation of these as a curry recipe  (with and without cream, milk, khoya, condensensed milk, dry fruits, coconut, mango or even pineapple) and I am sure each family swears by their favorite ones based on where they are from (Bihar, Rajasthan or even Gujarat)Following is the  no fuss recipe we tried.Try them, they are simple to make and easy to eat.


  • 3/4 cup jaggery – grated
  • 1 1/2 cup water
  • 1 cup – whole wheat flour
  • Ghee or Canola oil (for frying)
  • Poppy seeds (for garnish)

Heat the water, dissolve jaggery in water.Mix with whole wheat flour. Set aside for 2 hours. Heat oil till hot in anon stick pan, reduce flame till it is medium hot. Ladel the malpua batter with a small bowl for even edges. (Or use a spoon if you don’t care about smooth edges).The dough will bubble. Fry till golden brown on each side.

Savor! I promise, they wont last long.

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