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Enjoying The Spring Garden

This past weekend we were in Lonavla, to celebrate my Mom’s 60th birthday. My brother, sister-in-law, my parents and my sister-in-law’s parents gathered at Vipul’s parents house in Lonavla. His uncle and aunt joined us as well.

Mom loves flowers and it was perfect timing as our garden was in bloom. The air was perfumed with their fragrance as we played with Varun on the lawn. He loved sitting out playing in the shade and watering the plants.

I captured the blooms so my mom could enjoy this virtually and continue celebrating her birthday! Hope you enjoy them as much as she did. P1070747


Ornage Hibiscus Jasmine Red Hibiscus White Lilies P1070702 Krishna Kamal Betel Leaf vine Yellow Trumpet Flower? Calla Lily? Yellow Hibiscus Pink Rose Blush Aboli Yellow Ixora Pink Madhumalti Yellow Rose Bunch of white roses

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your family, just like we did!

Monkeys at Rajmachi point

If you have visited Lonavla, you may have heard about Rajmachi point.

It’s a scenic viewpoint on Mumbai-Pune highway with magnificent views of Khandala valley. We went there with Varun in December, during our last trip to India. We were visiting the Vaghjai temple that’s around the corner from this point and walked up the park so Varun could run around.

The place was over run with tourists, school children and pilgrims from temple. And of course with monkeys. The monkeys are aggressive, so keep an eye out on your food and shiny objects. Kids especially are fascinated by them and get hurt when monkeys snatch peanuts/corn on the cob etc (which they are enticed with by various hawkers outside the park) from their tiny hands.

It’s not worthwhile to make a trip to Lonavla just for this, but if you are in the neighborhood, make a quick stop at the park for kids to run around, watch monkeys and to stretch your legs before the drive back to Mumbai.

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