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Tiny Lot is Moving!

Yes, Tiny lot is going to be a lot more tinier!

By early March, we are moving out of Seattle…actually, we are moving out of the country. Moving closer to home! Vipul and I have both accepted an offer with Microsoft India Development Center, Hyderabad.

There is a lot going on here and we are buried  trying to get everything sorted out before we go. But I know you all have a lot of questions from Why, When, How;  to Immigration, Work- Life balance in India etc. This is a brief post on our current thinking.

Why this change?

Firstly, like most desi’s, we have always wanted to move …someday. After every India trip, we miss home, we miss our family and we simply want to take the next flight back. Sometimes, Vipul thought the time was right and other times, I thought about taking the plunge. But after coming back this time, we missed home more than ever. Varun started asking (in his own way) about ‘Aaji-Aaba’ , ‘ Kaka- Kaku’ and ‘Mama-Mami’ every night as part of his sleep routine. Plus, when in India, the delight that was on my mom’s face when she was around Varun was something that I couldn’t push out of my mind.

We had reached out to a few folks in India before the trip and also visited Hyderabad on the trip to scope it out. It looked like we could get to work on quality stuff (similar to Redmond) and plus enjoy the life in India. At least in Microsoft, it doesn’t seem to be a one way path back to India, and we always have the option of coming back if we want to.

But more importantly, we saw this as an opportunity to travel in and around India. All our India trips are booked with visiting family. Now that they will be around, we can use our vacation to travel. Dubai, Lakshadweep, Maldives, Bali, Leh- Ladakh, Rajasthan, Kerala…We were sold!

Did we like Hyderabad ? I think its OK. It’s not Sydney but it’s not Baltimore either 😉 Chala lenge! It’s an inside that only our close friends will get.

How about interviews and offers?

That was the easy part. Vipul and I reached out to a few managers through job postings on internal career site as well as through our MS Network. Informational meetings were scheduled over Lync meetings. Once we notified our respective teams about interviewing, the actual interviews were scheduled very quickly. We both went through a full loop of interview. Vipul interviewed with Office Mobile and Application Experience team – so had two full loops. Most of Vipul’s interviews were with India team, but some were also with Redmond team. I interviewed with CRM and Lync team which are under same GM in IDC and I only had to do one loop with both teams.

We both got offers from both teams. And it was tough deciding which team to join. They are all doing interesting work. Vipul was woo-ed by both teams with nightly calls from Dev Managers and PUM’s- which was amusing to watch.

In the end,  after days of deliberation, Vipul is joining the Application Experience team and I am joining the Lync Web App team.

You have Greencard right, to come back?

Well, no. We don’t have the coveted Green card yet. And it doesn’t matter. If we want to come back, our thinking is we can come back on L-1. Just having a greencard doesn’t make sense unless we can keep it valid. Although we know about the 2 year re-entry permit , we didn’t go that route as we are not sure we will come back in two years – all those places will take more than two years to visit ;).

When’s the move party?

We are still working on our move date – but we are joining office on March 12th and are thinking of taking a few days off before then. Will keep you all posted.In the meantime, we have movers to schedule, travel to book, cars to sell, house to sell, things to sort out/donate.

This is still a bit surreal. I really can’t believe we are moving back. After 11 years in this country, I think about this as home.Leaving home is hard – but I guess with Vipul and Varun onboard – making any place home, should be an adventure. So stay tuned and join us on our adventure!

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