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Hello 2014!

Lake Tahoe

Although a day into 2014, it is still early enough to say Hello 2014!

We were out with friends over New Years in a not-so-little cabin overlooking Lake Tahoe. New friends, old friends, lots of home cooked goodness, copious amount of wine and scotch; not to mention craziness that happens when kids are asleep and adults tipsy!


We spent the first day of 2014 driving along the beautiful sunny shores of Lake Tahoe and then with a late lunch-early dinner at an Indian restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

Friends and laughter, food and travels – always the best way to start a new year!

While I don’t make any resolutions ( or have stopped making them since I never stick to them), this year,  I plan to reduce my IOU’s.

I owe a lot of posts ( travels to Hawaii, Europe, Asia and around Seattle; desserts and quick dinners; not to mention California relocation). Many friends have asked for them and I have always put them off for various reasons.

But I promise, before we move into our apartment and before the baby arrives and more craziness takes over, I will whittle down the IOU’s.

Here is a sneak peek in pictures:

Light and Colorful Winter Fruit Trifle

Winter Fruit Trifle

Fresh Fruits and Ricotta Mini-Tarts

Mini Ricotta and Fruits Tart

Dinner Veggie Quesadilla
Vegetable Dinner Quesadillas

Soba Noodles with Tofu in Soy-Lemon Dressing

Soba noodles with Tofu in Soy-Ginger Dressing

10th Anniversary in Maui

Pink sunset over Maui

Romantic Capital of World- Paris, France


Alligators and Airboat ride at Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park

Hike to Bottom of Grand Canyon ( long ago before we had babies)

Hike down Grand Canyon

Lummi island – For No Crowd and Gourmet San Juan Experience near Seattle

Lummi Island

Some are from recent past, others from summers ago when we didn’t have kids. Hopefully I will be able to do justice to all.

Hang on and join us as we share new and some old adventures!

Happy 2014!

Little Monster Turns Two

Family and close friends came over yesterday to celebrate Varun turning two!

The actual celebration in pictures.

The evening started with Vipul’s mom doing a ‘aarti’ for Varun to bless him on his birthday.

Varun touched all Aaji’s feet to seek their blessings.

Then we went to the community hall in our complex where we held the party.

The place was decorated in monster theme by Varun’s Mama and Mami with plenty of help from grandparents.

Phani and Illisa played with Varun while we waited for rest of the folks to arrive.

A few photo’s while we waited…

Then once everyone arrived, we cut the cake.

It was an orange-chocolate cake, covered in monster themed decorations! A big shout out to Sheetal – this wasn’t possible without you 🙂

Varun insisted on cutting the cake and managed to blow the candle after a few attempts.

But he didn’t want to eat any cake, and only had the decoration…

He enjoyed basking in everyone’s attention…

..and the shiny gifts!

While we missed everyone who attended his first birthday party, we were happy that a few friends could join us on his special day.

It was special day, made even more special with Varun’s friends who showed up to celebrate it with him!

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