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The Secret Valley Of Flowers – Kas Plateau


When you think of Valley of Flowers in India, what comes to your mind? Uttaranchal ?

Think again!

Even Wikipedia certifies this as the valley of flowers in India and there are many outfitters that offer treks to the alpine meadows in the Himalayas.

But, there is another valley of flowers in Maharashtra; near Satara. The Kaas Plateau comes alive for a short 3- 4 weeks duration after monsoon season and the plateau is covered with flowers for miles upon miles.

If you would like to visit, the window of opportunity is very short, at best next two weekends. This place is about 25 kms from Satara; with Pune being the biggest city closest to Satara. For a map link, click here.

My photography club did a weekend trip here. We couldn’t make it but I wanted to share the beauty of the place. Purples, Indigos and Whites dotted the landscape.All photographs are by award winning ( and a fellow Club member) Satish Chelluri. If his photos don’t make you want to go there this weekend, then I think you got poor taste ;)Don’t believe me, check these photos from his Flickr stream.





Travel Tales From Nilgiris – The Flower Edition

A post all about flowers in Ooty and Coonoor. Its the best I have seen in India. No more words, only pictures. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

purple flowers

White rose

Blue flowers

White flower

White flower 2

Purple flower

Red Dahlia

Pink rose

Pea flower



birds of paradise

White flowers



Spring in Seattle!

cherry Blossom

It was a typical Seattle Spring when we were there last week for couple of days. Sun peeking out between clouds teasing us to come out only to start drizzling moments later.It was cool and refreshing to go outside especially since we were visiting from a hot and dry Hyderabad.

Cherry blossom

We went to checkout the annual Cherry blossom festival in the University of Washington. The recent rains had faded the blooms and it was past its peak. But I managed to relive the past experience when we visited with Varun with a couple of close up photos of the lovely pink blooms. They are a reason to visit the Pacific North West (PNW)  in April first week.

If that’s not inspiring enough, then there are acres and acres of Tulips and Daffodils fields blooming in Skagit valley for the entire month of April -though mid April is better as it is at its peak. Why plan a trip to Holland when you can experience these beauties in PNW?



And if the trip to even Skagit valley seems like a long drive from Seattle ( and it can be on a sunny weekend when it seems like everyone wants to visit the blooming tulip farms), then Pike Place Market vendors offer luscious bouquets in every hue possible that you can’t resist to take home. From soft pastels to deep purples, single or double petaled, the prices and the fragrance is heady.





Even along the streets,pops of color brighten up the otherwise rainy day. Liriope, Magnolia, Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Purple rain flower,Cherry blossoms and a lot more. The light green buds unfurling with their copper pink tips, the white flowers of Pieris Japonica set against the deep red new growth reminded me of our own garden and trips to garden centers with my friend Donna who introduced me to the world of gardening!

Lone Orange Tulip

And if you are in the Pike Place Market, don’t miss the fresh fruits – rhubarb and strawberries that are in season! We had lunch at Matt’s in the Market – an old favorite where we literally enjoyed Spring on our plate – Fresh Halibut with wilted pea-shoots and radishes on a pea puree.  Delish with some PNW inspired devilled eggs. Vipul had his standard sandwich on a brioche. Trust me, comfort gourmet doesn’t get better than this!

Spring on a plate - Halibut with radishes and pea shoots

Burger on a Brioche

Gourmet Devilled Eggs

We enjoyed our two day visit to Seattle. Friends, flowers, fun and also shopping. But we missed Varun and couldn’t wait to come back home. After all home is where the heart is and we missed our heart more than he missed us!

Flowers of Hampi

Winter in Hampi is beautiful with flowers and lush plantations adding life to the stone carvings and pillars. Birds and animals also add to the activity around the time less carvings.

Vijayshree Vilage resort has inviting gardens with broad lawns and flowering shrubs. And the garden was in bloom much to my delight. The flowers reminded me a bit of our Seattle home. My mom loves flowers so this post is for you mom!

I don’t know the names of all these flowers, if you do, do drop me a comment below.

Pink Hibiscus

Trumpet flowers

Purple lavendar flowers

Orchids of sort

Lilies of Hampi

White spider lilies

Yellow flowers

Hope you enjoyed a bit of colorful flowers this weekend!

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