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High Tea @ Falaknuma Palace

Finally, we got reservation for high tea at Falaknuma Palace.

What’s so special about Falaknuma, you may ask. Well, its a royal palace belonging to Nizam of Hyderabad and has been recently restored by Taj to its 18th century glory. Falaknuma literally means ‘Like Sky’ and the ceilings painted in the palace reflect the blue sky. You can only visit the palace by staying there overnight or if you have a meal there. It’s a popular place and once we had to turn back from the main gate ( a mile away ) as we didn’t have reservations.

Anyways, this Saturday afternoon 4:30 pm found us at Falaknuma enjoying a Nizam style high tea served in the Celeste restaurant. Words cannot describe the opulence of this place which in my opinion rivals Versailles Palace, not in size but in its grandeur. The intimate size was perfect for a palace where you can see the palace, the grounds and take in the views in an afternoon as part of an organized tour offered along with high tea.

We took the last tour at 6:30 pm and could see the palace and its views by dusk before we went home starry-eyed.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and today at loss of words, I defer to pictures. The rest of the post is picture heavy, so please be patient as the pictures load – I didn’t want to reduce the size and not do justice to the palace.

First view of the palace

Celeste restaurant

Table setting

Pillars of restaurant reflecting in the grand mirrors

Table by the window overlooking the trees and old Hyderabad

Stained glass dome of the covered terrace where high tea is also served

View of Hyderabad below

Blue hooka – a true royal experience

White veranda

Backside of palace with courtyard

Varun and Aaji in front of the restaurant wing

Steps and paths to hidden courtyards

Star shaped pools and fountains in inner courtyards

The library

The Queen’s bedroom

Palace lit up

Lobby at night

City reflected in mirror at night

Additional palace buildings

Main door lit up

Then we got in our car and dove back home reflecting on the beauty of the palace, the rose and jasmine scented air, unlimited tea service and friendly staff that we got to experience. Truly magical. Highly recommended experience in Hyderabad!

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