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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my favorite American tradition – gather friends and family, cook up a big meal and be grateful for all that you have in life. For the past two years we have had fun with our friends and family sharing wine, turkey and pumpkin pie!

This year, we are travelling but nevertheless I am grateful for everything in my life. A supportive husband, an active toddler whose hugs and kisses smother me, family who come visit frequently and give us a break, colleagues who are more like friends helping make the transition to India easier…and of course, you my readers.

Thank you for reading me.

Thank you for encouraging me to write.

And thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

This thanksgiving, stay warm, travel safe and try a new recipe or two. After all its the season to slow down and savor!

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Happy Mothers Day

Today is Mothers day , my first one, a day to honor mothers and motherhood.

This post is to honor two moms in my life. Without either of them the last few months would have been terrible. They both took an extended sabbatical to be here and to help us out and be with their grand child.

In some sense it is ‘expected’ of Indian parents – they provide for their child as long as they can. And I am truly grateful for that.

I can leave Varun behind without hesitation knowing he will be loved and taken care of, probably better than I could possibly have.
I come home to a happy child, steaming hot tea, and fresh dinner everyday for the past 9 months thanks to my moms who have parked themselves in the center of our lives.

We have had our share of fights  and disagreements but we can reconcile knowing that we are truly not complete without each other.

I particularly rememeber a night when Varun didnt sleep at all – he would sleep in our arms when rocked, but kept waking up everytime we set him down. In that exhuasted state I called my mom in India and fought with her that she had spoilt Varun by rocking him to sleep while she was here and now we are paying its price. Not my proud moment – and something I apologized for the next day.

As I think about what kind of mom I want to be, I only hope that I will be able to give as a mom that I have received as a daughter.

And it begins again

This isn’t the first time I have tried my hand at blogging.I ponder over my blog’s theme, research about what to write about, something that will make me look smart and intelligent, maybe even witty! Alas, that’s where the phase ends. At other times, I muster past that phase and I get excited and write-up a few posts …a few weeks later the enthusiasm dwindles and life takes over.

This is yet another attempt – this time no fancy themes, no witty posts, just a journal of my life. My Desi meets Amru life. In a typical suburban teeny tiny 3300 sq ft lot.

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