Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphin and Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium

Before I sign off on Dubai posts, I have to write about the place where Varun laughed and squealed the most – Dubai Dolphinarium.

We had spent the earlier part of the day at Ski Dubai so this was a befitting part 2 of the focussed day. The Dolphinarium is in Children’s City – a little bit further from Dubai Mall. Mostly we saw locals, kids celebrating birthdays and other little kids with their parents on vacation.Varun has a small blue toy dolphin that he loves. He used to play with it in India and I think it’s probably lost somewhere in the move. So when he saw pictures of the Dolphins in various brochures his eyes went wide as he literally yelled “Look, mama, Dolphins”!

The show is in an indoor air-conditioned auditorium. It is about 90 minutes long and has a musical and magic tricks ( they call it illusions) part which IMO was totally unnecessary and boring for kids. It was hard to keep kids engaged during that part despite the beautiful acrobatics.

Dolphin and Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium

Varun kept asking me when the dolphins and seals would arrive. Finally when they did, he was jumping up and down in his seat, clapping and cheering like I have never seen before.

Dolphin and Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphin and Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphin and Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphin and Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphin and Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphin and Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphin and Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium

If you do have little kids, do take them here. The Children’s City has other kid friendly things to do like slides, park, planetarium, nature and space center etc. Its worth heading out that way even if you have seen Dolphin shows else-where. Keep in mind transportation back after the dolphin show is a bit iffy and you have to wait for a cab to show up. 

We headed from here to see the musical fountains. I think we saw them thrice all in all. As we stayed fairly close to the Dubai mall it was one free indulgence which we loved.

A very kid friendly, safe and cosmopolitan city, we truly loved Dubai. We hope to visit again when the kids are older and we can do some crazy adventure the emirate has to offer: Zorbing, Indoor Sky diving, Hot Air Balloon Ride over the desert, just to name a few!

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  1. It is heartbreaking to hear a blogger recommend the Dubai Dolphinarium for children. The dolphins displayed in Dubai were obtained from Taiji drive fisheries where the young are selected for dolphinariums and their parents are slaughtered for fertilizer. Dolphins are highly intelligent beings that live life spans much like mans the difference being their home is the ocean. By attending the Dubai Dolphinarium you rob a dolphin family, a dolphin child of it’s freedom, home, and family. I doubt you will publish my comment but please think about what I am saying. Is it right that the people of the sea give up their lives for your children’s entertainment. Please watch Blackfish and The Cove.

  2. Rutujak, I am so glad you are open minded and will investigate Taiji. It is a cruel place where dolphins are ripped from their families. They are way too intelligent to be placed in captivity. I am impressed with your willingness to research more into the captive lives of these beautiful creatures.

    • I think as a parent I owe it to myself and my kids to learn more about anything that I didn’t know about earlier. Really appreciate your bringing this to my notice. Will follow up on this soon!

  3. I am inspired by this article. I noticed a good friend, Kirsten, posted here and am glad I visited. Can I send you a couple DVD movies of beautiful ocean homes and of places like Dubai? Your kid will appreciate them. If you would blog what you thought of them that would be all the better. It would be inspiring to other kids. They love to care about animals.

  4. (of dolphins in beautiful ocean homes)

  5. End captivity.
    There are no scientific or cultural value to this cruel practice and more importantly it fuels the cruel cruel practice in Taaji Japan . Watch The Cove n Blackfish . Let’s make this a better world – together, with less suffering n cruelty.

  6. How could you possibly recommend such a place? The abject cruelty is beyond comprehension.

    Please watch Blackfish and The Cove to learn the truth.

  7. Rutujak thank-you it is people like you that give me hope for the future of wild and captive dolphins. If I could create a heart on WordPress I would! Love to you!

    • Oh the horror that is going on in Taiji….all so that people all over the world can either see Dolphins in aquariums or eat them. The sight of the red bay water is something I can’t even comprehend.
      I have seen orcas and dolphins in the wild….and there is nothing more magnificent than that.
      I really hope we get to stop this trade by eliminating demand.

      I will blog about this on Monday.

      I now feel horrified that I contributed to this on our recent trip 😦

  8. Rutujak, thank you so much for taking the time to educate yourself and being open minded about whale and dolphin captivity issues. I would also recommend you read Death at SeaWorld by David Kirby. There is still much work to be done to stop these cruel practices, including captive breeding and ”swim-with programs, not to mention whaling and shark finning. Our oceans and their inhabitants are crucial to our own survival and humans are putting it in jeopardy for profit. Let’s all work together to end this, don’t buy a ticket. Empty the tanks.

  9. education is the key…. glad that you have educated yourself on what is going on in Taiji… Now your can spread the word….

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