What A Lot of Fish There Are:Dubai’s Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Park

Varun loves Dr Suess book One Fish, Two fish. He can almost’ read’ it from memory. Naturally given that interest, one of the first things we did in Dubai was to take him to the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Located in the Dubai Mall, you can see the huge wall of aquarium tank with all kinds of fishes even without entering the aquarium. As an adult that would be sufficient to say you saw the Aquarium. Or try snorkeling or learn to dive. With a kid its a different story. Walk in the tunnel sounded fun with fishes floating all around. Varun always likes any kind of boat ride and while we didn’t really care for the underwater zoo, the hanging rope bridge there turned out to be most fun for Varun.

We had a 2 for 1 coupon (from Entertainer) for Adults ultimate ticket which included the glass bottom tour, walk through the tunnel and visit to the underwater zoo. We planned to be there just as they opened to avoid a crowd.

Walk through the Underwater Tunnel

Tunnel in Dubai Aquarium & underwater park

While we were waiting in line for the ticket, Varun was excited to see the fishes, but once in the tunnel, he didn’t care much about it. There were schools groups on trips and the teachers seemed to make the aquarium very interesting ( from identifying colors and shapes for younger kids, to talking about food and habitat with older kids).  The tunnel is really only 75 m long which is not too long if you think about it.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Park

And it ends abruptly. Like a rude awakening you exit and walk through a small Photo Booth and souvenir shop and have to go up the escalator outside the aquarium to see the underwater zoo.

Underwater Zoo 

The underwater zoo was more interesting. With lots of fish tanks with different colorful fishes, crabs, star fishes, penguins, crocodiles and even some creepy crawlies ( snakes, iguanas); Varun liked this section the most. But whenever there was a school group he would lose interest and run to the next tank.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Park

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Park

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Park

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Park

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Park

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Park

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Park

He liked the rope hanging bridge in the creepy-crawlies section and just enjoyed running from one end to another.  We literally had to drag him out of there when a large school group arrived.

Glass bottom Boat ride

By then it was time for our glass bottom boat ride (a time slot if pre-assigned when you buy the tickets). Varun was amused to put on the life jacket and then loved seeing the fishes from a different perspective. He didn’t know where to look – out of the boat or through the glass bottom.  The boat ride is about 10 – 15 mins.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Park

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Park

After the boat ride though he was a bit tired (from the move, travel and jet lag). Overall it was a good start to the 3-week long vacation.

We headed to lunch while he napped in the stroller.

Stay tuned for more adventures in Dubai. 

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