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Hello From Sunny San Francisco & Happy Thanksgiving!!


Finally, we have a laptop that I can use to post.

After a frenzy of packing and physical logistics of the move, wrapping up things at Microsoft and a short vacation in Dubai, we are here in sunny San Francisco. Our temporary accommodation overlooks the SF downtown skyscrapers and it’s simply mesmerizing to watch the city lights come alive at night. Bay Bridge to the right, skyscrapers in Financial district in the center and stunning sunset to the extreme left.

Varun is happy to watch the CalTrains and the MUNI run by. That has kept him occupied for a couple of days though he keeps asking to go back home – to Hyderabad – the only home he actually remembers.

This move has been a bit hard on him. He wants to go to school so he can meet other kids and play with them. He is missing his bed and his toys. Hopefully it will get easier once we set him up with a routine.

We are using the next two weeks to settle in and catch up with friends.

To find him a preschool and daycare, find a midwife for me, and tons of other things that need to be taken care of ( cell phones, apartment hunting, pediatrician for Varun, primary care physicians for us to name a few).

I promise to resume blogging once things are a bit under control here.

Till then, Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great time this holiday season. Stay safe and warm.

Shop a little and share the cheer 🙂

See you back in a couple of weeks!

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