California Dreamin’!!

Tiny Lot is becoming a lot more tinier. We are moving to San Francisco. Soon.

Lot of questions that we have been asked since we announced it to our group of friends and at work.

Didn’t we just move to India?

Do we hate Hyderabad?

Do we love US more than India?

Why San Francisco and not Redmond?

For the record, we don’t hate Hyderabad or our life here. Infact, Vipul and I think there is no other city in India we could have moved to and have a good life. We can afford a large house fairly close to work; have a cook/maid/driver and can go to any good restaurant/pub in less than half an hour. The city is mostly safe. A luxury by Mumbai or Delhi standards. Sure the weather is a challenge in April, May and October but with most of days being spent cooped up in air conditioned office it barely makes a difference.

Then why leave this all and move?

We moved here to be closer to family. Both sets of parents visited us fairly often when we first moved. But over time they visit only if Varun is not well or if we need help. They don’t really want to uproot their lives and move here. Also, due to our fast paced work schedule, we barely get much time to spend with them when they are here. Even when we visit them, Vipul is glued to the phone/email/laptop.

Also,we miss US – the open parks and gardens, libraries, museums, trails etc. I know lot of people who miss these aspects of life in US. They get hang of everything else – products, traffic, commute, social commitments, dressing etc but this is something we reminisce about.

But most importantly, we are expecting another baby and I want to deliver the baby in US.

Varun had a natural un-medicated birth with the aid of midwives. It was a wonderful birthing experience  (as far as birth stories go) and I want the same again. I don’t want to go with traditional OB model but go with midwives. Certified trained midwives operating out of a hospital is not possible here. Plus the rate of Caesarean birth is very high.

The care offered by midwives in my first pregnancy is incomparable to what I am getting here now. The hygiene level, the empathy, the long wait times for appointments, scans etc is not up to the par.

Why SF and not Redmond?

We were actually all set to move to Redmond. We both had offers from our teams. We reached out to our midwives and set an appointment with them. We had started looking for a house. We knew which daycare to send Varun too.

Everything was lined up, when Vipul got an offer that he could not resist from Sony.

Luckily Sony offers a comprehensive relocation package on par with Microsoft.

So, here we are off to Sunny California.


We are very excited to move to SF.

New city, old friends, new challenges.

Cant wait to be there!

About rutujak

A travel addict, self confessed foodie and a mom trying to make SFO my home after a decade in Seattle and a stint in Hyderabad, India.

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  1. congrats for the new baby and all d best with relocation.
    Just a small query though, what abt ur jb in SF?

  2. We will miss you Rutuja, Vipul & Varun !! Nice blog. Keep blogging SF life too 🙂

  3. Congrats Rutuja, for the expecting baby as well as new city!

  4. Hey congrats on the new baby. Let us know if you needs any help. We are in the Bay Area too about 30 miles from SFO..


  5. Hi R,V and V:

    Hyderabad will miss your family, and most around the world, particularly Hydrabadis like myself will miss your reporting from Bhagyanagar. I guess, the most important aspect of anyone’s time about a particular place is to experience it first hand, which you had the good fortune of immersing – home, food, restaurants, festivals (Holy, Ganesh utsav), paper/scrap recycling wala, weekend trips, artisans – sarees, historic places – Kurnool, Srisailam, Hampi, and sharing of visits from your near and dear ones . I am sure you shall get all the help when you arrive in SF. Good luck to V with Sony. Sony could use some heavy lifting these days. We live in the windy city, a definite tour destination – happy to assist should you/family plan one.

    Look forward to your continued BLOG.


    • Thanks Venkata for your regular comments and encouragement. I think we are lucky to experience Hyderabad and living/ working in India. It has certainly changed my perspective about everything 🙂

  6. Hi Rutuja,
    Congrats on the new little one on the way!!! Varun will be such a great big brother. Nice to know that you’ll be so much closer. Please let me know where you land in the Bay area, and keep blogging, as others have said.

    All the best,

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