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The Secret Valley Of Flowers – Kas Plateau


When you think of Valley of Flowers in India, what comes to your mind? Uttaranchal ?

Think again!

Even Wikipedia certifies this as the valley of flowers in India and there are many outfitters that offer treks to the alpine meadows in the Himalayas.

But, there is another valley of flowers in Maharashtra; near Satara. The Kaas Plateau comes alive for a short 3- 4 weeks duration after monsoon season and the plateau is covered with flowers for miles upon miles.

If you would like to visit, the window of opportunity is very short, at best next two weekends. This place is about 25 kms from Satara; with Pune being the biggest city closest to Satara. For a map link, click here.

My photography club did a weekend trip here. We couldn’t make it but I wanted to share the beauty of the place. Purples, Indigos and Whites dotted the landscape.All photographs are by award winning ( and a fellow Club member) Satish Chelluri. If his photos don’t make you want to go there this weekend, then I think you got poor taste ;)Don’t believe me, check these photos from his Flickr stream.





Ganpati Bappa Morya!!

Ganpati 2013

It was Ganesh Chaturthi on Monday…and we celebrated like every year.

Festive spirit, decorations, perfume of garlands and incense sticks and offerings of flowers, fruits and sweets marked the day.
In the evening we participated in prayers with rest of the folks in our complex.

For next 5 days, we will join them in evening prayers. The communal spirit, the decorations and festive atmosphere is novel and welcome change after the day at work.

A few pictures of Ganesh from our home….

Hope you enjoy this glimpse in our rituals as much as do!


Ganpati home setup

Aarti thali


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