The Contemporary Paan

The display

Dimmy -the paan palace has been a unique experience for me in Hyderabad. Having paan as a dessert in an ice-cream parlor like setup. Clean, hygienic with sit in option and no dubious folks giving you the looks!

A typical pan shop

Paan , usually eaten after a meal is both a digestive and a mouth-freshener. Its available at nearly every street corner in paan shops. It has traditionally been ‘frowned’ upon in my family. Kids from ‘good’ families don’t eat paan – that’s what grandma used to say. It was mainly to do with the ‘not-up-to-any-good’ people who hang out at ‘paan-shops‘ than to do with its ill-health effects. She used to give us a home-made version with coconut, gulkaand and tuti-frootis. So, as grown up I love paan. I don’t like the ones with tobacco or areca nut but the sweet kinds.

Ice Pan in Making

This paan palace in Jubilee Hills hence is the perfect contemporary version. We stepped in without hesitation. Chocolate paan, Meenakshi paan, Date- paan, kulfi-paan tempted us from within the glass display. Colorful, ready and inviting. There was a counter with assorted toppings (desiccated coconut, flavoured supari, nuts etc to make a custom paan). We asked for an ice – paan ( a Gurgaon – Delhi area speciality) and it was freshly made for us. Shaved ice filled in paan with typical paan toppings of gulkand, sweet supari and coconut. On a summer evening the generous helping of rose petals, coconut and ice are perfect end to a meal.

Ready to eat in silver foil

The shop is set up like a typical roadside paan- bedi shop with cigars, cigarettes and even chocolates. They also have shaved ice in classic kachi kairi and kala khatta flavors – which we will probably try next time.

We skipped dessert one evening and instead had  2- 3 types of sweet and dessert like paan.

Suparis on the counter

That’s going to be our new routine -at least till the novelty wears off!


About rutujak

A travel addict, self confessed foodie and a mom trying to make SFO my home after a decade in Seattle and a stint in Hyderabad, India.

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  1. Thank you for this post. Your post brought back memories of Hyderabad and the most flavourful paans that I used to have at Dimmys. The chocolate paan at Paan Palace was a favourite as well.

    • Is Dimmys a chain? From what my friend told me the JH location was a brand new place. which other place would you recommend in Hyderabad in general?

    • Is Dimmys a chain? From what my friend told me the JH location was a brand new place. which other place would you recommend in Hyderabad in general?

  2. Rutuja, I am not sure about Dimmys being a chain, I know of the only outlet in Secunderabad. About Pan Palace, I was there last week during my visit there. Did you manage to get into High tea organized by the Taj Faluknama. its beautiful and must visit. Or have exotic Arabic food at Yusuf Tekri compound, Mehdipatnam.

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