5 Kids Related Blogs That I Read

I am sure, there are several others (baby center.com being the most widely used), but these are the top 5 blogs that I find myself going back regularly for kid related advice and inspiration.

What else is in your reader? What would you recommend?

1. Parenting Advice: Ask Moxie


Nursing, Sleep, Discipline, Weaning, Work, Travel, Books and a lot more. She never fails. There is almost always someone who has asked her the same parenting question that I have and I love that I am not alone. Most meat is in the comments section and there are some posts that I have read and re-read so many times that if this was a book they would have been dog-eared at the very least.

2. Food and Nutrition: 100 days of Real Food


Full of recipes for sit down meals, lunch boxes and snacks. Absolutely love this site.

3. Kid Activities and Events: Red Tricycle


They share local things to do, make, visit eat with your kids. Love their seasonal events and activities for Seattle. Thy also have local events for other US cities.

4. Decoration and Organization: Family @ Apartment Therapy


Organization, Storage, Room Design, Party planning, room tours – oh! this is eye candy. Check it out if you are in for some organization and redesign of your kids room. Even if you are not planning, the site will inspire you to do so. Be warned, this will draw you in!

5. Products, Reviews and Tools: Baby Bargains


Used the book, recommend the book and love the online community. They review everything baby gear related from cribs, to diaper pails to mattresses to toys to clothes to car seats to high chairs to even mom gear and kid vacations. If its for kids in US, they have reviewed it, rated it, and given advice on what to buy and what to stay away from.

About rutujak

A travel addict, self confessed foodie and a mom trying to make SFO my home after a decade in Seattle and a stint in Hyderabad, India.

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