Sunsets of Hampi

As the year 2012 draws to an end, I couldn’t think of better metaphor than Sunsets.
They give us an opportunity to reflect on the day( or year) and plan for a better tomorrow while we bask in its golden warmth and enjoy the pink-purple drama that enfolds before our eyes.

We saw some spectacular sunsets over Hampi and on the drive to Hampi. I tried to capture its magic but I think I was unable to do justice to the sunsets over the lake, farms, plantations and boulders.I am still working on my photography skills.

Nevertheless, here is a glimpse of sunsets over the four days of our trip.Hope you enjoy them!

Day 1: Sunset over Hampi Lake after we drove all day from Hyderabad!

Sunset over Lake on day 1

Day 2: Sunset point in Hampi – Behind the Temple

Sunset Hampi farms

Sunset over boulders

Sunset over Hampi

Sunset Hampi

Day 3: Sunset over Tungabhadra Reservoir

Waiting for sunset 2

Sunser over Tungabhadra Reservoir

Time to go home

Day 4: Drive back from Hyderabad to Hampi

Sunset as we returned bach

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