Road Trip To Hampi

We are back from our  trip to Hampi. We managed to get last-minute hotel reservation at Vijayshree Heritage Village. With lodging sorted out, we decided to wing it and off we went on our first true road trip in India since our return to India. And it was fun, thanks to the wonderful company of Shubhada, Shantanu and Dhruv.

Hyderabad to Hampi

We planned to leave Hyderabad around 9:00 am which was ambitious given that we had two kids who sleep in till 8:00 am every day. Also, we planned to take lunch and snacks along with us as we were not sure how good the restaurants would be along the way. Eventually, we were packed and loaded by 10:00 am. I had told Varun about the long road trip with his friend Dhruv. He seemed excited  to just have Dhruv in the car although there were a lot of fights over toys.

Once we left Hyderabad, we went through usual dry shrubbery and boulders. After the first 80 kms or so, we were on undivided highway. The road was is decent condition except for the unmarked speed breakers which made it hard to drive. We shared the road with trucks and tractors filled with produce. Sugarcane, cotton, castor, rice. Harvest season is in full swing and I do hope the farmers get their due share after the sale of the crops.

Overloaded tractors

Trucks filled with Cotton

The sunflower fields were in bloom. The paddy fields took a golden hue in the winter sun.

Fields of Sunflowers 2

More fields

bajra fields

We saw herds of goats and sheep. We passed by the Raichur Thermal Power station. We saw traditional brick kilns.

Herds, power plants

Boy tending to goats

Brick kilns

Farmers continued with their daily activities as we drove by. Cattle rested in the shade of trees or grazed on.

Farmers working in the field

Bull resting

As we passed through towns, we loved the vegetables and fruit stalls with winter produce – cauliflowers, cabbages, carrots, guavas, custard apples, jujube berries and more.

Cart selling jujube berries

But, the most novel experience was the harvested rice being dried in the sun and filled in sacks to be taken to the numerous rice mills along the way. Kids loved these heaps of rice and almost immediately ran onto them. It was hard trying to get to stay out of it.

Raw rice being filled in sacks

Harvested rice ready for mills

Kids on rice heaps

As we neared Hampi, we started seeing boulders, banana plantations and coconut trees.
Fields boulders and temples

Banana plantations

We lost our way around Gangavati, but the locals guided us and we were back on track in no time. The kids loved watching so many cows, buffaloes,goats and sheep along the way. We were glad that we reached our destination before dark.

Vijasyshree kutia

The hotel check in was smooth. We got adjoining rooms. Kids were happy to be finally out of the car and to run around. They chased each other around the lawn and on the steps in front of the rooms while the parents rested.Sunset

Finally, after a long drive, we were in Hampi! We couldn’t wait for next day to start exploring the area.

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A travel addict, self confessed foodie and a mom trying to make SFO my home after a decade in Seattle and a stint in Hyderabad, India.

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