Pomegranate Limoncino shots


What do you when you come from a so-so day, want to try something interesting before your husband has to head back to work and find a pomegranate and few lemons in your fridge?

Pomegranate and lemons

Pair them with Limoncino and make Pomegranate Limoncino shots ( or martinis if you will). Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice is not as tart as store-bought POM. So even if hate POM, give this a try. The fat juicy pomegranates in your grocery store  are begging you. Guaranteed to add color to a boring bland Thursday!


Closeup shots

Pomegranate Limoncino shots recipe:

  • 2 parts Pomegranate juice (freshly squeezed or use POM)
  • 1 part Limoncino
  • 1/2 part lemon juice (freshly squeezed)

To make pomegranate juice  find a big juicy red fruit. Peel and remove the arils. Crush them by hand in a bowl taking care that the juice doesn’t squirt out. Pass  through a sieve to remove the seeds or any fiber.

In a cocktail mixer, add crushed ice. Add pomegranate and lemon juice. Add Limoncino. Shake. Strain.

Garnish with a lemon wedge or a few pomegranate seeds.

Serve. Cheers!

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