Sunrise at Havelock Island

Sunrises early in the Andaman and Nicobar island.

In the pre-dawn darkness, I woke up to the sounds of rooster crowning and birds chirping. It was hard to crawl out of bed while Vipul and Varun snuggled in the warm sheets but I wanted to try to watch spectacular sunrise the islands are famous for.

I jogged down to the beach about 100 mts away through the coconut and betel nut trees. The beach was empty except for a few stray dogs. Empty boats bobbed in the clam water. I took a long walk on the beach, picking up shells, tossing them in water and feeling refreshed in the cool breeze.

The sun made its way slowly behind the dark stormy clouds.

Soon everything was bathed in the golden light. The beach was still except for the dogs chasing each other and the waves lapping.

I made my way back to the villa – stopping en route to watch the fungus on the little bridge, piles of coconuts stacked, crabs peeking out of the creek and generally soaking in the filtered hazy sun through the coconut trees.

It was bright and I was yawning. I hurried back to the warmth of the bed, snuggling in next to Varun who didn’t stir while I was out. A peaceful way to start a day ( and a vacation!).

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