Alluring Andamans

We visited the Andaman islands over Thanksgiving.

Andaman and Nicobar islands, a part of Indian Union Territories, lie to the south-east of the mainland around 1200 km’s away from Indian east coast. To say I have been wanting to visit these islands for long is an understatement. When I was a tween, my parents friends visited these islands and recounted stories of spectacular sunsets, friendly people and breathtaking natural beauty. One of them had an accident when a coconut fell on her head while she rested in shade while rest of the group snorkeled. To a city slicker, this is straight out of movies. One of close family friends were stationed in Port Blair while in active service. My family planned to visit but it never happened. I suppose most Indians have a plan to visit these islands – their natural beauty is alluring; but the long journey to get there is tiring.

We flew from Hyderabad to Chennai and then to Port Blair, the capital of Andaman islands. From there we took a ferry to Havelock island – a laid back island about 90 mins by a catamaran from Port Blair. Ferry timings are restrictive. Weather is another deterrent to the journey with storms and heavy rains leading to cancellations. We met a couple who had to stay back in Port Blair as the Havelock ferry was cancelled. We left home at 5:00 am and 2 flights, boat ride and a taxi ride later, we were in the resort by 3:00 pm.

But it was totally worth the long journey. Varun luckily didn’t fuss too much and was a trooper!

We checked into Munjoh Ocean Resort – our home on the island for next 3 nights and headed straight to their private beach. Sun, snorkel, sand, seafood – were the only things on our mind.

Varun played in the soft white sand while we went into the crystal clear blue water. He was particularly fascinated by a carb that we found in the creek. A pair of pilots we met on the beach actually had found the crab on the beach and planned to grill it for dinner.

The water is very calm – like a lake with gentle waves.The beach is flat and slopes gently into the water. It was relaxing to sit on the beach, watch the snails scamper with shells on their backs, boats bob in the water and watch the sun set.

Sun sets early ( by 5:00 pm) on the islands. We watched the eastern sky turn pink in the evening, chatted with few folks on the beach and headed back to our villa. An early dinner and we were off to bed.

Next day, we looked forward to more beach bumming, stunning sunrise and sunsets and a snorkel trip!

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