A lazy Bhai Dooj

Today was a lazy day. Everyone was tired. So we stayed at home, went swimming and generally lazed around.

This is a short post to capture the essence of the day.

In the evening, we celebrated Bhai dooj – to celebrate the brother sister bond; and Padwa – to celebrate the husband -wife relationship. The former is celebrated widely in India while Padwa being a Maharashtrian tradition.

A few pictures of Varun and Megha and rest of the family celebrating Diwali.

In the evening we prepped the aarti thali.

Megha didi did aarti for Varun and in return Varun gave Megha didi a small gift 🙂

Then Megha did aarti for both Vipul and her dad.

And then it was my and vahini’s turn 🙂

Later, it was time for Dada, Vahini and Megha to get ready for their train. They had already packed in the afternoon.

Varun was tired and very sad that his dear cousin is leaving. A bout of crying followed before he went to said good-bye.

We had a great time celebrating Diwali with family. It was especially wonderful as we were hosting everyone for the first time! Our busy schedules don’t allow us to meet often. Looking forward to meeting them again in December 🙂

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  1. can u elaborate more about Padwa ?

    • Sure, I will tell you what I know 🙂

      On Padwa, we do aarti of Dad’s and husbands. This is because, after Diwali, men used to get ready to go to war so women did aarti of the ‘men’ in the family.

      And ofcourse in return, wives and daughters get gifts from their husbands/ Dads 🙂

      Also, it is one of the 3 1/2 muhurat – like Gudi Padwa and anything you start on this day has greater chances of success 🙂

      Hope this helps!!

  2. grt.. not being maharshtrian i was not aware of all this.. thanks for sharing..
    i really like ur blog… thanks 🙂

  3. Sure…coming back to India is helping me remember all these traditions. In US other than a party with friends, Diwali is more or less like any other day!

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