Happy Diwali

Today  is the most important day of Diwali, the five day festival of lights.

We celebrated Narak Chaturdashi and Lakshmi Puja.

Narak Chatursdahi sometimes falls on a separate day and is usually  celebrated by waking up early in the morning and greeting everyone before sunrise to ensure a place in Heaven! Then the family gets together, wear new clothes, burst crackers in the pre-dawn darkness and eat all the delicacies that moms have been slaving over.

Lakshmi Puja typically is in the evenings. Families get together to pray to Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and wisdom before going out to burst crackers, meet the neighbours and exchange greetings, snacks and recipes.

The day is usually spent at home or visiting friends and family, exchanging gifts etc similar to Christmas.

We didn’t get up early ( ie before sunrise) as everyone was tired from yesterdays sight-seeing trip to Salarjung museum, Birla Mandir and HussainSagar Lake. But After we  up and got dressed we feasted on snacks and sweets that mom sent from Mumbai.

Then we went to the Zoo. Both the cousins had a ball in the zoo 🙂 Weather was lovely with cool breeze – so it was just perfect to be outside all day long.

In the evening, we prepped for the Lakshmi puja, lit diyas all over the house and dressed up in our new clothes.

Later we went downstairs to burst crackers where we met most of our neighbours.

Varun was very scared of the loud noisy crackers and was very upset. Vipul’s mom took him back home while we enjoyed the crackers.

Today, we had an awesome day with family – good food, laughter and a dose of tradition. Varun seems to be enjoying his first Diwali in India. Tomorrow we celebrate Bhai Dooj. Looking forward to more celebrations!!


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  1. Wishing very Happy Diwali to u and ur family too.. this is my fav festival.. so good to see ur flower ganesha.. i am so going to make this next year… 🙂

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