Tranquility in the City – Anand Buddha Vihara

Sunday evening, Vipul, Varun and I went to Anand Buddha Vihara, a buddhist temple perched on a cliff in Mahendra Hills, Secunderabad. We met our fellow photography classmates on a hands on field trip.

This was our first field trip and even Varun was as enthusiastic about going to ‘capture smiles’. He took his toy camera along to actively participate.

Although we got a bit lost getting there, locals guided us to the temple. The temple is on a hill top and is an oasis of tranquility. Inaugurated by none other than The Dalai Lama, this place is quiet and calm, with a flowering garden, butterflies and a beautiful statue of Buddha under a Peepal tree.

We spent a couple of hours taking pictures and honing the craft. Photography is not allowed inside the temple, but you can take photos standing outside.

By sunset mosquitoes descended on us and we decided to call it a day. Rest of the gang was better equipped and stayed to capture the temple with lights and the city below glimmering in the dusk.

If you have exhausted all the tourist spots and  ever find an afternoon in Secunderabad with nothing to do, do go up to this temple. Google maps will help to the area and then ask around for the last mile directions.

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