Architectural Gems – Qtub Shahi Tombs

Recently, Vipul and I took a photography workshop with Sia Photography by Saurabh Chatterjee, a National Geographic Traveller India, contributor. We were so thrilled with the concepts, tips and tricks and hands on knowledge that he shared with us that we immediately wanted to go out and try taking pictures without using any built-in modes.

So off we went to this hidden architectural gem of Hyderabad – Qtub Shahi Tombs. About a kilometer north of Golkonda fort, these are beautiful mausoleums of the Qtub Shahi rulers. Off the normal tourist track, these tombs showcase a unique style of architecture.

The tombs and their minarets have very detailed carvings.

Guided tours are available but you can just wander around.

The path inside is not paved but is flattish so its possible to take a stroller in, but will need an effort to push around. Also the tombs are on raised platform requiring going up and down the stairs – so the tombs themselves are not stroller or wheelchair accessible.

Varun, as usual ran and jumped around. We had to keep an eye out near stairs but generally he had a ball – he loves any place where he can run around.

It was a good start to our photographic adventure. Here’s to taking control of the camera and taking better pictures!

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  1. Regular follower of your blog. Nicely done to share areas of Hyderabad and your everyday living since you moved from Seattle. It is nice to digest your and your family’s views on Hyderabad, from the Chicago area. I grew up in Secunderabad but have been living in the US for last 2.5 decades. Your blog provides a very nice fill-in on the time missed in the Twin Cities and the rapid change that recent times have brought through IT and the open economy to major cities and India, in general.

    On this post, very nice capture of the Hyderabad’s heritage. It gives a very good perspective of your photography learning through your lens and story telling. I am curious what kind of camera you are employing. I have been to Golconda fort, but did not explore the Qtub Shahi Tombs. Back in 1995, I remember from my visit to Golconda fort that the outer walls of the Fort construction using huge boulders with a neat three dimensional matching between the adjacent boulders. The wall looks majestic and engineered from the outside, it also conveys meticulous, artistic and engineering principles utilized back in the day.

    Thank you

    • Thanks a lot for your comment – just made my day 🙂 I have been to Golkonda for the light and sound show but have yet to climb up to the top. I loved the fort , but not the show as much. Will keep an eye out for the outer walls and share few pics with you.
      I am using a Canon DSLR. I dont kow the exact make and model but its not the latest and greatest on the market. do let me know if there are any other such places in Hyderabad to visit. I have Hampi and Warrangal on my list and will probably visit them once rainy season is over.

      • Thanks for sharing the Camera type. It helps… since the earlier pictures posted, esp. Faluknuma Palace were exquisite. Hampi and Warangal turn the clocks back to experience our Heritage etched by the Vijayanagar and Kakatiya dynasties. Although Hampi (Karnataka) is going to be a longer road trip nevertheless is a UNESCO World Heritage site. When visiting Warangal, please visit the Ramappa Temple, if possible. LInk below.

        Here are some of my suggestions for sites in and around Hyderabad / Bhagyanagar:

        Usually I start at this wonderful and resourceful AP Tourism Development Corporation website for many categories, for example: Heritage, Nature, Beaches, Religion etc.:
        On the heritage category, the page has a Stunning Golkonda fort image:

        Edulabad Temple. Short road trip – could make a picnic and receive blessings from Lord Ranganatha Swamy. Wonderful story captured in this Blog

        Closer to the Gachibowli area are Chilkur Temple and Gandipet / Osman Sagar from where majority of Hyderabad’s drinking water is supplied

        Other attractions:

        Finally, a good road trip, about 165KM south of Hyderabad takes you to

        The above destinations are plenty and we wish you and your family a happy and safe travels, and my family and I are keen to spend time at the above listed destinations as well.

        Our 5 yrs. old daughter Bhargavi would like to say hello to Varun – good to see his exploration and growth through the blog.

        News from Naperville/Aurora (Chicago) area:
        Family & Children get involved in Nation wide Surya Namaskar Marathon and the local Diwali Food Drive.
        For all our other activities:
        Our invitation to the next children s event here in Naperville, IL would be Ganesh Puja.

      • Thanks for such a detailed reply. I went to chilkur Balaji and Salar Jung museum. Cant wait to visit the other places you mention.
        Surya Namaskar Marathon – OMG. I can barely do 1 properly. And say hi to Bhargavi…Varun is still too young to understand any of this but we would love to meet you when you visit next.
        Two and half decade in US is a loooong time 🙂

  2. Rutu…Just because you do such an excellent job documenting these things so nicely..can I suggest something. One thing that may be useful is to put the settings for each picture. You can find it from the info button on the Canon.

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