Ramoji’s Monsoon Magic

With family in town we decided to check out Ramoji Film City –  a theme park and studio tour ala Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

Instead of shepherding 4 parents, a wheelchair and Varun with his stroller, and constantly think about where to go next, we signed up for the Monsoon Magic package.

It gave us front of the line access to all the shows, an AC bus ride with minimal walking from one place to another, lunch, snacks and dinner and a guide who managed the day for us.

The bus tour to see the sets was best part of the day as you could see where popular Bollywood songs and movie scenes were shot. Even if you don’t watch Bollywood ( or Tollywood or Mollywood for that matter) movies, you will like the tour for interesting insights into the movie industry, how sets are created and reused, how same building (or house) with 4 different facades is used as a library, hospital, airport etc, how train stations are decorated to show a city v/s small town station , how there are 5 different jails in a row ( Central jail, Tihar jail, local jail etc), which lanes are used as highways, variety of lamp posts to indicate different cities/eras, different covered walkways to give it a college campus or romantic promenade feel, south indian styled houses and north indian style houses.

Ramayan set

Railway station

Airport and Hospital are two different facades of the same building!

European ambience anyone??

There is even an ‘international’ street for so-called international locale shoots as well as mini Eiffel Tower.

How about Wild Wild West?

The guide and the staff who helped us throughout the day managing Vipul’s dad, his wheelchair and Varun and his stroller was amazing.From dropping us off closer to the shows to arranging special drop off/pickup at dinner as  Vipul’s dad couldnt really walk down the stairs to the ‘Dream Valley’ Lawns – the staff was very co-operative.

Night lighting at Dream Valley

Waterfall at Gate of Ramoji

If you have been to Universal Studios or Sentosa Island or any such place, you will not like Ramoji’s shows. I thought the shows were lame , except for the one with dinner. The artists seemed to be there just because they had to be there. There was no enthusiasm or smile on their face. But parents enjoyed them.

Varun didn’t really care and was only interested in ‘riding in the bus’, butterfly park and in general running around, climbing up and down the stairs.

We didn’t go on any rides, so can’t comment on them. The few that I saw while walking around seemed more like Esselworld than Six Flags.

Don’t have high hopes, and you will just have a fun day with the family. All in all, worth one time visit with visiting family/friends.

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