A Wedding,an ER trip and a Move

Yea, that’s how I would sum up last week.

The week started on a high. Rather it was the previous weekend that began on the positive note – long weekend ( Good Friday holiday), a trip to Mumbai for my dear cousin Neha’s wedding, meeting all my cousins and nephews, exchanging tips on jewellery and fashion and all the fun that goes with weddings.

Varun had a ball with his cousins – running behind the older ones, jumping on the stage and generally being in spotlight.

He didn’t really want to come back on Sunday night, but since we didnt want to use any vacation, we came back. Since our return, weather here in Hyderabad has changed. There have been thunderstorms almost every evening with the most beautiful lightning strikes I have ever seen. Some of the photos in paper with lightning on Hussain Sagar lake are breathtaking. Can you imagine if they look so good in newspaper print, what they would look like on hi-res photo media?

Well, the city cools down with cloud covers and thunderstorms, but this has caused a onsluaght of viral infections at the day care. Varun slept early on Monday and Tuesday night and we rejoiced that maybe sleep Gods had blessed us after all.

On Wednesday night, Varun went to bed at 7:30 only to wake up at 8:20. And started fussing. Which turned into bouts of cries. He was also rubbing his eyes intermittently while crying and tugging at his ears. It took us a few minutes to realise his right eye was swollen and stuck. He had yellowish discharge on his eyes and I guess he was upset that he couldn’t open his eye at all.

All attempts to clean his eye were futile as he wouldn’t let us touch it. I suspected conjunctivitis but was worried since he had fallen from a chair earlier in the evening if the fall had injured his eye. Vipul was looking up doctors online when we finally turned to our dear friends turned Hyderabad experts Sheetal and Phani to ask about doctor recommendations. They called someone they knew and recommended going to Apollo or Rainbow  hospital since Varun was crying for over an hour. We chose to go to Rainbow as it is a smaller hospital and so is easier to naviagte; as well as it is a Childrens hospital – not a generic multipurpose hospital.

As we are still  in our corporate housing, with the leased car provided by Microsoft, we didn’t have the car with us at night. Rather we didn’t have the driver with the car. We called the driver who was out at some family function. So, we called the owner of the leased car, who in turn called the driver and made him come pick us up. I wasn’t sure if he would come on time, so I called our second set of Hyderabad experts – my cousin Poonam and her husband Bhushan, to pick us up, just incase the driver was delayed.

Fortunately, the  driver came in 15 mins and we drove to the hospital. 25 mins later, we were in Rainbow hospitals ER. The ER was not busy and we were seen immediately. The resident confirmed conjunctivitis and gave us medicines. As I had taken Varun to a Rainbow clinic for his cold/fever symptoms earlier, the ER  treatment was free. She saw Varun was in pain and recommended giving him some Tylenol before sending us home.

Varun settled a little bit on the drive back home and finally slept. It was around 11:30 pm by the time we got home. We were pleasantly surprised that the ER trip was smooth and very quick – though we had gone prepared for a 5-6 hour wait.

Couple of days later, Poonam came to see Varun and check his progress. She stayed overnight and I had the pleasure of staying up late with my cousin and catching up. It was such a casual impromptu visit – no planning, no scheduling – simple joys of being in the same city as your cousin sis!

The joy ended when she woke up to an ant bite on her eye- which swelled and puffed up immediately. Vipul’s parents had complained a couple of times of bites/rash on their arm which we didn’t pay much heed too. But with this, and fearing something similar happening to Varun, we called the team that arranged for our corporate accommodation and moved into another apartment.

This apartment seems cleaner/ fresher than the earlier one. We will see how things go here. With Varun trying to eat on his own and dropping fruit pieces/bread crumbs all over, keeping this place clean is not easy – and it may not be long before the ants are back.

Almost a week since the ER visit, Varun is still sick. We took him to another doctor and he has ear infection in addition to conjunctivitis. At least this doctor spent some time getting to know us ( family history, vaccinations, allergies etc)  and getting Varun comfortable before checking him and prescribing medicines. His viral infection has spread to the entire family. I have lost my voice and have fever, Vipul is feverish while Vipul’s mom is not well either.

Hopefully, by end of this week, we will all get better!


About rutujak

A travel addict, self confessed foodie and a mom trying to make SFO my home after a decade in Seattle and a stint in Hyderabad, India.

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  1. Gosh….Vivaash had the same sequence of conjunctivitis in both eyes plus sever ear infection in both ears just a week back…we too had to rush him to ER as his fever had spiked. I guess day care situations are the same everywhere 🙂 Hopefully you guys will recover soon and enjoy your time in Hyderabad…

  2. Its Thursday already and by Saturday you all be alright . This weekend take time to rest and be at home just idle away your time . May be hectic weekend, eating out at different cities, and late nights have taken toll. Take care.

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